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Investor Services

At Lendmore Financial we understand that your money needs go beyond traditional banking products. That is why we offer expert guidance and comprehensive investing options through investments secured by real property.

Lendmore Investor Services was born from a recognition that the investment industry was failing to deliver for investors.  Rates of return were too low—in many cases, exceedingly too low—and the industry was far too often putting its own best interests ahead of its clients (you). The industry has used complexity and confusion to profit from investors’ fears and greed rather than counseling them on solid and sound philosophy’s and processes.

Lendmore Financials Investor Services were built on the principle that we must always help our clients achieve their dreams. A crucial element of living up to that mantra is taking the time to understand you, your current and future needs. Once we understand your goals, we can help apply proven philosophies and match you with real property investment options to give you the greatest chance of achieving the returns you need while managing the risk.